Sunday, June 28, 2009


I actually have NO idea how I've never seen this before.

There doesn't seem to be any way to embed it, so brief description, then a link.

In 2004 (I think) one of my favorite bands - Elbow - did a BBC Radio 1 session and recorded a quirky version of Destiny Child's "Independent Woman." They occasionally break it out in concert for a couple seconds (if I remember correctly). Apparently, Joel Veitch of took their version and made it into a video featuring some Northern Kitties playing instruments and smoking cigarettes. First - this is a great cover. Secondly - the animation fits almost perfectly. It's funny but played on a loop so don't expect it to stop - ever...

Without further ado...

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  1. That's pretty awesome! It reminded me of another band, that I will now introduce you to...(unless you already know about them, in which case I will bring up unnecessarily) Man Man!

    (You'll have to copy and paste the address, but they are worth it, I promise.)